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For the business owners out there check out our ownership section packed with ideas on how to improve your business and your life.

My Reflections on business in 2022

What a ride 2022 has been for us business owners.

It began with us dreaming of a covid busting year, growing our profits for good and getting back to ‘normal’,  working less, making more money and of course with less stress.

In reality what happened was we still  had to deal with Covid lingering in the background, ...

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Top 5 challenges faced by business owners

What are the  biggest challenges faced by business owners ?

You are Control Freaks! You have no Time Poorly performing staff Cash flow is a constant headache Burnout

To be honest I could write a book detailing my response to each challenge but here is my ‘mini attempt to help in case you are feeling the same and any resonate with ...

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What's your Fear?

Have you been watching I’m a celebrity get me out of here ?? 

It made me think everyone has fears spiders, rats, the dark, heights, failure, the list goes on and on ….

I must admit mine would be the eating trial on I’m a celeb i definitely couldn’t eat some of those ...

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What do you see when you wake up and look in the mirror?

Where we are today and where we will be in 1,2,3 or even 10 years’ time is the responsibility of only one person.

That’s the person we look at in the mirror in the morning.

It easy to blame the world for our problems and challenges especially now with the costs of living crisis and our businesses ...

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How to take a break from your business

Many small business owners are reluctant to take a break from work  because they fear that if they’re not minding the business, it will suffer. Fears about what will go wrong during a holiday include a loss of customers, missed opportunities, and looking unresponsive to current clients.

The irony is that holiday are actually ...

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What's your Business Direction?

Having a clear business direction is the most powerful business improvement tool you can use.

Without a clear business direction your business will not go anywhere, it may survive on enthusiasm and energy in the short term but in the longer term it will fail.

Some people say they are not planners,  it is true some of ...

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The Story of the Landscape Gardener

A landscape gardener ran a business that had been in the family for two or three generations. The staff were happy, and customers loved to visit the store, or  have the staff work on their gardens and make deliveries – anything from bedding plants to ride-on mowers.

For as long as anyone could remember, the current ...

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The Importance of setting Goals for your Business

Goal-setting is crucial to the success of any business, but is particularly important for entrepreneurs who can become distracted without focus.

Goals direct actions, give you something to aim for, and can serve as a yardstick for measuring your business’ success.

The way you approach goal-setting will determine whether you are able to attain your goals.

Most people ...

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How effective are you at Managing Time in your business

Figuring out how to use your time efficiently is one of the hardest tasks you are likely to face as a small business owner. Use this quiz to assess your current time management techniques. The pointers you get at the end may help you modify your habits and enable you to run your small business ...

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How to create a Planning Culture in your business

While many business owners consider strategic planning to be their responsibility alone,  all staff in a small business  often have a good deal to contribute to the process. Their first-hand knowledge of customer behaviour, market trends can be cultivated to enhance planning. Taking advantage of this knowledge requires an investment of time initially to engage ...

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