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For the business owners out there check out our ownership section packed with ideas on how to improve your business and your life.

Winning Customers

The majority of business owners will tell you that their number one priority is ‘to get more customers’. As a business owner, you’ll no doubt agree with that feeling but you know that it is ‘hard work’, can be expensive and the results (of what will be some kind of marketing effort on your part) ...

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9 Methods For Building Customer Loyalty

Don’t let your customers go after just one purchase. Win them back time and time again with a follow-up program.

1. Thank-you notes Take the time to show your customers that you genuinely appreciate their business. They’ll remember your thoughtfulness because most of your competition won’t send out thank-you notes. Just make sure ...

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Why having a Positive mental attitude is so important

When you believe in yourself and what you do, when you focus on the value you bring to your clients, and when you have a strong distinguishing factor, then persistence and tenacity come naturally.

Next time a customer says “Thanks, but no thanks we’re ok,” or “Sorry, I can’t budget for that right now,” ...

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Business Diagnostic Questionnaire

 The first step in achieving your goals is understanding your current reality, at A4B we do this with our clients by using a simple but effective business diagnostic tool. It is your assessment and you can use it to establish where you are in your business today and start proactively designing your future.

It should take ...

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Give Your Business Direction

Overview: Having a clear business direction is the most powerful business improvement tool you can use. There are many clichés about planning and business direction:

“If you don’t know where you are going any road will do.”

“Poor Planning Produces Pathetically Poor Performance (modified from the military version)” to quote two.

As worn as these clichés are the ...

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Best Business Planning Practices

What separates a weak business plan from a good plan? Or a good plan from a great one? As with any reliable roadmap, a powerful business plan clearly lays out a course and provides alternatives to follow should any roadblocks appear.

A business plan is an important tool for internal planning in any business and for ...

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The Essential A-Z of business Growth

The Essential A-Z of Business Growth

A-Accountant if you have not got one get one

B-Backup everything

C-Charge by the hour

D-Deposits never forget them

E-Expect to succeed and you WILL

F-FREE – Don’t do it !!

G-Good Customers should be treated like GOLD

H-Handle cash ...

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How to take a break from your business

Many small business owners are reluctant to take a break from work  because they fear that if they’re not minding the business, it will suffer. Fears about what will go wrong during a holiday include a loss of customers, missed opportunities, and looking unresponsive to current clients.

The irony is that holiday are actually ...

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The importance of letting go in order to grow and flourish

I remember the first time I let my daughter walk to school on her own, I was a bag of nerves. I peered out the window as she crossed the road, I sprinted up the street to hide behind a bush on her route and I saw her to the very school gates without her ...

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Love is in the Air for Valentines Day 

How much do you love your business ? Has it been the perfect love affair or is it starting to feel like  a one way street, demanding more of your time and effort and making you feel like you aren’t getting much back in return ? If it needs a little TLC click ...

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