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Episode 29- How to get good staff

Watch this video to understand how to hire the best staff  for your business every time. Having good employees will help you maximise profits and will ensure you are all working collaboratively to reach a desired goal and targets.

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Episode 38- Is running your business causing you nightmares?

👻👻👻Is running your business causing you nightmares?👻👻👻

It started off as a dream💭 but the reality is hard work and never as easy as you first imagined.

💙There is help watch this video to reaffirm your dreams and take steps to create the ideal dream destination.


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Episode 37-How to stop being a control freak in your business

Watch now to stop being a control freak in your business. Understand you don’t need to do EVERYTHING to own a successful business and how to take the freak out of control.

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Episode 36- What personality type are you and your staff?

Watch now 👀 to identify your personality type and your staff’s different personality types so that you can alter the way in which you communicate with different people and help you to manage them in order for your business to thrive.

What is DISC have you heard of it? and do you know the benefits ...

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Episode 17-Why hire a Business Advisor? Here's all you need to know.

Watch this amazing testimonial from Tomas at Metropolis Visual to see how Advice4Business have helped them triple their turnover and grow their business even in a global pandemic.

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Episode 35-Growing a business-Where to start?

Watch now to use these essential tips to starting a business. They will help you understand the best ways to start a business and in what order to prioritise operations, finance, marketing, staff and production. To ensure you succeed and create a winning business that makes your life better.

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Episode 34- Are you a business champion 🏆

Did you know the difference between a human and a chimpanzee is only 1 % DNA? 🤷‍♀️ The difference between a business champion and business chimp is the same. Watch now to see if you are a BUSINESS CHAMPION 🏆or a BUSINESS CHIMP🙈 By using this simple 5 step checklist. It will enable you to quickly TAKE ACTION ...
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Episode 33-What's the difference between being self employed and a business owner?

Watch now to identify the difference between being self employed and a business owner and how it can transform your business and your life.

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Episode 32- The Greatest Tool for any business

Watch this video to see how Advice4business can help your business, we have a tried and tested set of strategies and processes that will deliver you the income and lifestyle you deserve. 💷📊📈📞✔🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ For more information click here👉


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Episode 31- Its Coming Home ⚽⚽⚽

WATCH NOW to see what you can learn from Gareth Southgate to help your business.

Although if i was in his support group I would question Is Kane good enough ? Why do we need 2 holding midfields ?‍ Surely its time to play Grealish ? What would be your strategy and tactics tonight and going forward for the England ...
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