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How to stop your business leaking money

Do you ever wonder where all the profits are in your company? 🙋‍♂️💷💷💷💷 Does it feel like a leaking bucket of water 💧💧💧lots of money coming in but more money going out . 😤😬🤯 Watch now to see how to stop your business leaking money .

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What's your perfect question for your business?

Watch 👀now to see how you can easily increase your average sales value by finding your perfect question for your business❓❓❓


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Are you facing the same problems as a business owner?

Working way too many hours, not enough money in the bank and spending too many hours chasing after staff😤 . If this sounds like you watch👀 this video to see what you can do to dramatically change your life and your business. ✨

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Why should I work with a Business Advisor?

Watch this amazing testimonial from Tomas at Metropolis Visual to see how Advice4Business have helped them triple their turnover and grow their business even in a global pandemic.

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Why do I have the right to advise you on your business?

People often ask me why do I need a business adviser and what do you know about my business ?

Who the hell am I to tell you how to run your business? (A fair question) 140 customers, 100 different industries. From gutting fish to boardrooms an insight into my business journey and why I am ...
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Why you need to grow your business in 2022

Watch 👀now to understand why you must grow 🌲your business in order to survive in 2022.


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How to fall back in love with your business

Is your business causing you more heartache and pain than the love you felt for it when you started .

Watch now to implement change to fall back in love 💖with your business. Your A4B Valentines special


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9 Essential Sales Skills/ How do you rate yourself?

Watch this must see video to rate and improve your sales skills using this 9 point checklist to dramatically increase conversion rate and increase profits in your business. These include personal motivation, personal management, product knowledge, prospecting, asking questions, presentation skills, answering objections, asking for action and follow up. 

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7 quickfire 🔥tips to transform your business in 2022

Watch now to transform your business using these 7 quickfire tips and enable yourself more time to relax and unwind.

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How to stop being a control freak in your business

Watch now to stop being a control freak in your business. Understand you don’t need to do EVERYTHING to own a successful business and how to take the freak out of control.

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