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My Business Reflections for 2021

What a year!

When the dust settles on last two years it is almost certain they will be seen as momentous times.

Lockdowns, inflation, shortages of goods and overwhelming demand for products and services have kept many business owners awake through 2021.

But as I look back at the businesses I’ve worked with this year and the various journeys they have been on I have to say on the whole from a business point of view it has been a good one.

In times of recession and slow growth when a new business owner walks into my office the issues, we discuss are marketing and sales and cash flow as we scrape for every pound, as we strive to grow or survive.

Not this year, this year has been the year of growing pains.

A year of too much work and not enough resources both Human and other. I can’t remember a year where here at the A4B offices we have been involved in as much recruitment and rapid growth as we have this year.

It’s been a year of real opportunity.

If you have managed to capitalise on it, congratulations. If you have not yet, don’t panic I suspect it’s not too late.

So, what are the things that are running through my mind as we enter a new? I am obsessing about four things.


  1. Find and look after good people, good people will always make you money even if you think you cannot afford them and when things slow down you will need them.
  2. Stability, it’s important to build on good foundations with good business practice and strong management systems
  3. Market share – If your share of the market is 5% and the economy grows by 10% regardless of what you do (In basic terms) but when the market shrinks so will your business. Market share is where it is at in 2022
  4. Claim your life back, if you run a business now more than ever it is easy to get swept up and work way to hard and try to do too many things. Goals and structure will change your life and give you the time and money you deserve.

What will happen in 2022? Well, if the last two years are anything to go by the only way, I can answer that is who knows!

But what I can tell you is that without a good plan and good systems you will not realise the opportunity it presents to the fullest so make a start get cracking and keep on going.

Have a great silly season and I’ll see you in the new year


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