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Why having a Positive mental attitude is so important

When you believe in yourself and what you do, when you focus on the value you bring to your clients, and when you have a strong distinguishing factor, then persistence and tenacity come naturally.

Next time a customer says “Thanks, but no thanks we’re ok,” or “Sorry, I can’t budget for that right now,” you can simply reply with

“Share 10 minutes with me, If I don’t show you something of remarkable value in that time, I’ll never call you again.”

Let’s face it, getting past the “no” really does comes down to the belief in yourself and what you do!

Remember that no matter what tools you are armed with, if you don’t have a positive mental attitude and a belief in yourself and what you are doing, then you’re wasting your time and the time of your potential customer.

There’s just no substitute for that core of belief to get past the “no” every time.

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