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How to create a winning team in business

A good team is more than just a group of people working well together.

Just because individuals work well together doesn’t necessarily make them a team – in fact, there are examples of groups of highly intelligent individuals performing more poorly as a team than as individuals!

A team is a group of people who share responsibility for achieving a common goal. Everyone has a role to play and that role contributes to the overall achievement of the group. If an individual fails to perform, the common goal can be in jeopardy. Even if each individual performs, unless each works in harmony with other members of the group, it is unlikely they can achieve their true potential.

The important element in team building is to establish a common, shared goal. This gives each team member focus for their efforts, ensures each person is accountable for their own performance and encourages team members to take responsibility for ensuring their team members perform at the required level.

In order to be effective, team building must become a way of life within your business. It is not sufficient to conduct one or two “team building” events during the year. Rather, team building must be a continuous process that aligns actions with goals and is focused on a clear and consistent set of goals. As each team start performing, team members were able to appreciate how much they could begin to achieve as a group and team work became enjoyable rather than a chore.

We suggest using a 5 step process for your business when team building:

  1. Create and communicate the vision- Establish a strong vision and S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound) goals.
  2. Seek commitment from individuals- In order to be meaningful, individuals have to commit to the vision. This means talking and answering questions to help team members remove any doubts.
  3.  Build trust-It is important that everyone in the team, from the “Leaders” down, trust each other. Start building trust by “walking the talk” and showing team members that the “Leaders” are prepared to lead the way
  4. Include Everyone-Team building needs everyone involved so by using active listening skills and OPEN question techniques, you can ensure everyone had the opportunity to be involved.
  5. Promote support and sharing- Since every team member brings different skills and experience to the team, some team members may need help. By encouraging those with more experience to mentor less experienced members, all team members co-operate and actively support each other.

Try this process in your business. Team building is a continual process that pays handsome dividends. Not only will team members benefit from working in a co-operative and harmonious environment, but your business will benefit through the achievement of goals.

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