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Clean Cut Gardening Services

Business in Profile: Clean Cut Gardening provides a range of gardening services for commercial and domestic clients.

Goals: I wanted to grow a business that got me away from the tools and into the office. Basically, I wanted to be more than a worker who got up and cut grass for the rest of my life.

The Challenges: I was working as a gardener, basically on the tools 24/7 chasing money and working evenings with no real prospect of making the amount of money I wanted. I felt like my business completely owned me. I knew I could make some good money and have a good life from my business I just did not know how to make it happen.

The strategies: The first thing we did was work towards maximising sales. The marketing work we did was incredibly successful, I could barely keep up with all the calls! We then focused on putting in place systems to enable me to recruit better quality staff and step away from the tools. Once this was done, we discussed future growth and began the slow but rewarding process of franchising the business.

The Outcomes:

  1. I no longer work on the tools
  2. I own a thriving gardening business which pays my salary month in month out
  3. I have recruited 10 franchisees and have an amazing business network with the Clean-Cut brand known from Peacehaven to Yorkshire.

“Working with Gary is amazing! He has an uncanny way of seeing the big picture and keeping you on track towards your goals. His, support, guidance and persistence are unwavering and the results he drives you to achieve are truly life changing.”

Simon Studd, Director of Clean Cut Gardening Services

July 2020

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