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Leads Direct

GOALS: To reduce the businesses reliance on the owner and move the business premises.

BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A Leads and Cable wholesaler and custom lead specialist.

THE CHALLENGES: In terms of profit the business had performed well over the last two years but the owner was working huge hours and felt he could not leave the business and had taken no holiday in 25 years. In addition he felt he got little support from the staff.

THE STRATEGIES: The first step was to measure current performance as a benchmark against future activity, once we had identified the levels and types of activity required the next step was to introduce team meetings and set goals and targets for all staff. Next we identified possible new premises and ensured we could maximise profits in order to cover the additional costs involved.

Alongside this significant work was done in putting in place a solid Financial framework and a review of the competition enabled us to review the pricing structure.

THE OUTCOMES: The business now has a new premises, clear direction and the whole organisation is aligned towards hitting sales targets and customer service. The efficiency savings have meant the number of staff has more than halved and the business owner now has a business that runs without him. In his words

‘A very high level of service, I do not see what else you could do without being on the premises full time, thank you for all your input.’

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