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Case Study Linda Lowther May 2015:

Nearly a year ago I held a Seminar” 5 key strategies to profitable business growth” amongst the group of attendees I met 2 local business owners who along with another partner had set up a service based business in 2013.

Their vision was to produce a business that would support all 3 owners with a comfortable living after the collapse of the local business in which they had been employed.

With little or no business experience/acumen they set up, started to trade and then as many new business owners do got to the stage and thought “What do we do next”? How do we grow the business and educate ourselves at the same time?

Answer: They attended the Advice4Business seminar and took up the offer to qualify and receive a complimentary business MOT. The review told an all too familiar story, they needed help in several areas, finance, marketing, process and systemisation & business enhancement. They realised after meeting me “I was the person to help them and provide them with the support and education to make it happen”.

They have achieved a relatively steady turnover year 1 but after receiving a grant, local funding & a rent free period they realised that time was ticking…

Action was needed to accelerate the turnover whilst maximising profit and controlling overheads.

In August 2014 we embarked on the “My Business Advice” programme covering 3 main modules, My Business Finance, My Business Goals and My Business Action Plan. These were also supported with 16 sub modules covering all business topics.

We started by meeting fortnightly and along with their “homework” we made great progress covering the biggest challenges first.

From completion of the modules, 1-2-1 support coaching, not only did their knowledge but the business grew at the same time. Fantastic…

We set out to grow turnover, improve profitability and educate the business owners, we achieved just that and more…

The business overall improved by over 108% Year on Year, Profitability was now performing at the required level for their sector and their knowledge and education will enable them to improve even further in the future. This has been a fantastic achievement and testament to their wiliness to learn, take on new ideas and be prepared to make the required changes to make it happen.

They knew something had to change and they did just that…

“Since working with Linda our business is now starting to grow even further, we are exploring new ideas and avenues. Linda helped us realise how to price products correctly and market more efficiently. Since Using Linda’s services our business is becoming more widely known”.

Thanks guys, here’s to your continued success….

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