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Madison Solutions

Business in profile:  Madison web solutions are a digital agency that provides clear and effective digital solutions to small-medium businesses.

Goals: I wanted to grow my company, achieve more success both professionally and financially.

The Challenges: I started working with Gary when there was only me and 2 part time staff. It was a new company and therefore cash flow was always a worry in addition, to finding good customers when you only have a small portfolio is also a big challenge.

The Strategies:

One of the most useful ones was the rolling cash flow, this really helped with budgeting. We set targets for sales and expenditure which has been the backbone of our success. We analysed the clients we had and came up with the best ones and formed a list of who we wanted to attract more of, this has led to us building better and better work while making a fair living. As with I would imagine most businesses, Staff is a challenge and good staff means we deliver good (brilliant) jobs and Gary has helped with profiling and recruitment as well as writing the jobs roles and ads, (All jobs I hate and so I found this very helpful.) Gary has put in place a bonus scheme and a stack of procedures, so the company runs smoothly and really delivers (and track and measures) all in all we are in a very professional place now.

The Outcomes:

  1. Planning of how much I needed to sell to be able to afford a set amount of expense took away a lot of stress. Our average order value has increased from around £350 per sale to a little over £5000 in 8 years. This means we are attracting clients who really value what we do and allow us to give a product we are proud of, win, win.
  2. With all the processes I can take a holiday and come back to a work without fear of a huge pile of work (or worse, problems) to deal with upon my return.
  3. Gary buys the bacon roles for each visit!

It sounds simple but the planning of how much I needed to sell to be able to afford a set amount of expense took away a lot of stress.

“I work with many Business advisers through our clients and I see how so many operate and how they differ. I am often approached by them trying to get us to use them. I would never move from Gary. I have never known a company who has used the A4B team do anything other than succeed (and I am looking at dozens of examples) and I cannot think of any other companies I can say that about. Put simply, if you want to work hard get a business advisor, if you want to succeed and not work too hard get Gary!”

Matt Chambers, Director at Madison Solutions

July 2020



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