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Mark Boxall Director, Shoreline Accountants

Business in profile: Shoreline Accountants are based in Seaford; East Sussex and is run by Mark Boxall. Mark is one of the local areas most experienced and qualified accountants with over 25 years accountancy practice. Shoreline Accountants offer a unique and personalised range of accountancy and taxation services.

Goals: To Build a profitable business that was not fully reliant on me and provided me with the lifestyle I wanted. 

The Challenges: Was struggling with the day to day running of the business, never had the time or energy to control the destiny of the business, was always reacting to the demands of the business rather than planning.

The Strategies:

  1. Having someone to look at the issues without being so closely link at the business.
  2. Making me change my attitude that any changes/progress was an opportunity rather than another problem/issue to deal with.
  3. Helping me to make a long-term plan.

 The Outcomes:

  1. Increase staff members from being just me to a team of 10.
  2. Feel in control of the business and my workload most of the time. Stress levels are a lot lower.
  3. I feel I have a much clearer plan for the business over the next 10 years.

“When I  first met Gary, the business was starting to run my life and my stress levels were high. I now feel I am in a position where I am in control and looking forward to the future growth of the business.”   

Mark Boxall, Director at Shoreline Accountants



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