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Sam Wilde – Wildeheart PT


Sam Wilde – Wildeheart PT

I started working with Sam about 2 years ago. At that point in time, he had been made redundant and wanted to take his part-time hobby business seriously and grow it to a booming business.

Sam is a PT, (Personal Trainer to the uninitiated), he had a couple of clients but was charging them a pittance for his wealth of expertise and knowledge.

So we started by identifying his goals, both for the business, financially and personally.

As I always say, a successful business owners journey is like a journey taken with a sat nav:
when you turn your sat nav on, you can’t simply tell it to take you somewhere nice, it demands a postcode, and even then it wants more details as a postcode is pretty vague. So you have to give is a street and probably a building number. But still it can’t plan your journey for you yet, not until it knows where you are. So it connects to GPS and establishes your current location.

Now the sat nav can plot a route for you.

Working with Sam, we did just that, we were brutally honest about where he and the business were at that point and then identified where he wanted to be in 5 years’ time. We also considered whether he wanted to go by “motorways”, “toll roads” or via any particular places, or indeed avoiding others. What did he want to be as a PT and want did he NOT want to be as a PT.

Sam was keen that he wasn’t associated with the PTs out there that just train with you when you book them and that’s it until next week. He wasn’t just interested in clients that find it easy to train all the time. He wasn’t interested in people that didn’t value his skills and abilities.

So we worked hard at looking at both what he did & didn’t want to be. Over time this had been re-visited and refined. His goals for himself and the business have evolved and what we do now is based on those new visions he has for himself.

•    We looked at the value of his work and priced it accordingly.

•    We looked at his target market and went very granular on his key avatars, which turned up some interesting information.

•    We put together different and progressive packages to sell and looked at how he was selling them.

•    We went through his finances and established long-term goals and interim targets.
•    We addressed his branding and website and made them congruous with his business message.

Since I started working with Sam his business has grown enormously, his quality of life is great, he’s sacked several clients that were not right for him to work with and his turnover has increased six-fold.

I love working with Sam. He listens, takes on board everything we’ve discussed and puts it into action.

Talking is fine, planning is great, but DOING is essential.

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