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Worldwide Web design

GOALS: To move out of the Front Bedroom by increasing sales by 300%

BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A web and application designer in a highly competitive market.

THE CHALLENGES: In terms of profit the business had performed badly over the last two years and the owner was working long hours and felt he could not leave the business and his wife was worried about his heath


  • To measure each of the products he was selling using marginal cost analysis to gain an understanding of why his margins were small.
  • To focus on the main profit making activity which was bespoke Web design with a targeted and Marketing strategy.
  • To train him in his sales techniques and develop his marketing spend by intelligent spending.
  • To introduce time management and control with his email activity.

THE OUTCOMES: The business now has new premises, clear direction and the whole organisation is aligned towards hitting sales targets and customer service. . In his words:

“The A4B process has helped me to develop my business by training and focusing my activities to the profitable activities growing my business by 300%”

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