Here are the best methods for targeting and attracting the best leads for your business

1) Find The Right Leads

For every business, there should be an ideal customer that you would hope to acquire. It is possible to develop an avatar based on this customer, so you can craft your marketing with them in mind. While all businesses will attract a mix of people, the avatar should represent the bulk of your customer base, allowing you to avoid being too general and bland.

2) Do Your Research

In order to develop the customer avatar, it is important to research your niche and customers. Tools like Alexa and Similar Web can be used to learn demographic data, so you can make decisions based on accurate information. It is all too easy to make simple assumptions about customers, but you may be surprised by the leads you are attracting.

3)Don’t Ask For Too Much

One way to dissuade leads is to ask for too much in the initial stages. If you sell an expensive product, for example, making an early pitch could damage a potential relationship. Instead, making smaller requests can gradually lead people through a sales funnel. An email address is a common way to start, with a gift being used as encouragement. After joining your list, it is far more likely you can gradually introduce people to your main offers.

4)Ensure You Over-Deliver

Ensuring you over-deliver at every stage is a way to keep leads engaged at all times. For example, when you provide a gift in exchange for joining the email list, it should be excellent quality and actually useful. Leads will naturally then assume that any paid offers will be of an even higher standard. As long as you can deliver with your main products, you can keep customers happy at every stage of the interaction.

5)Develop a Referral System

Using the same system for finding leads will eventually have diminishing returns. Any system you develop could be copied by competitors, while you will always be reliant on new people entering the niche. To avoid this problem, look to develop a referral system that uses the networks and relationships each lead already has. When you know the financial value of each new lead, it is possible to offer a commission for each newly generated lead. The benefit of this method is that each contributor will find their own way of promoting you, so you become less reliant on your main system.

Without a strong lead generation strategy, it is virtually impossible to build a sustainable business. Whether you run a small operation or a large enterprise, you will need to bring leads into your business. There will inevitably be some attrition along the way, so refreshing your customer base ensures the business is still able to grow. All leads are not worth pursuing, with each individual having an associated cost, but a smart strategy ensures you get the best results for your time and investment.


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