Best ways to motivate and boast staff morale.

Having the very special skill of being able to motivate and inspire your employees will have significant effects on your business; amongst other things, productivity will increase which in turn improves profitability.

All business owners are considered to be motivators, it just depends how well you do it. If you have the skill, then it will be a very valuable asset to your business.

Being a motivational guide for your team members, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change their habits, their passions or their mind, It just means that you need to channel their energies into things that excite them and make them want to do what you have asked.

Often money is used to motivate staff however, this has proved to only be a short term motivator for most. So, you will need to consider other avenues to motivate your team. Whilst there is no specific one way to motivate, you do need to recognise people’s basic needs and their values.

Identifying people’s basic needs or personal values and helping them to fulfil them are natural motivators.  If you can incorporate these and answer questions such as; what does the employee need from their work? What happens if the needs aren’t met? Then you will be able to apply motivational measures, build relationships and become a better business owner.

The ultimate motivators for people are as follows:

  • A sense of achievement for completing the task
  • Recognition of good performance by others
  • Career advancement
  • Being given and executing meaningful work
  • Being able to utilise special skills and talents
  • Being in an enjoyable work environment
  • Feeling appreciated
  • Feeling respected
  • The sense of being independent to some degree

All of the above are considered to be huge motivators for people and work far better than financial rewards.


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