Many salespeople are reluctant to ask for the order for a variety of reasons.

  • They may be afraid of rejection or are not confident in themselves or what they have done during the sales/quoting process.
  • Perhaps they do not want to be perceived as being pushy,
  • or they are inexperienced and do not know how or what to say.

One thing is for sure, truly successful salespeople are NOT afraid to ask for the order. From my personal experience, many sales falter or fail simply because the salesperson does not ask.

Why Should You Ask for The Order?

Your customer may already be familiar with your product and wants and needs to purchase it.

You can shave substantial time off your sales campaign by asking early.

You will quickly identify objections and the obstacles you need to overcome to close your deal.

If you do not, you substantially reduce your chances of being successful, and will prolong your sales cycle indefinitely, and your customers will continue to ask you to perform time consuming and resource intensive tasks.

When Is the Right Time to Ask?

If done properly, and you have built credibility with your prospect by demonstrating value, it is never too early to ask. However, there are certain logical times when you need to just do it:

When you have identified a specific need or compelling event and your customer needs your product or solution.

When you have met your customers objectives.

When you have presented your proposal. (Even if you have just emailed it)

After completing a product trial.

When you finish a sales presentation or product demonstration.

How Should You Ask?

Everyone has their own style, but most people appreciate a sincere and direct approach. If you are confident in your solution and the value it will provide, you should say so and ask for the business. Every situation is different, so you will need to tailor your question appropriately.

Who Should You Ask?

It is always wise to ask for the business from decision makers and those empowered to purchase your products or solutions. If you ask someone that has no authority to approve your purchase, you can waste valuable time chasing deals that will never happen.

If you have invested your time with your customer, built credibility, and demonstrated value during the sales process, then you have EARNED the right to ASK FOR THE ORDER!

Now, it is up to you, I challenge you to ask one of your customers today.



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