Gaining and retaining customers would be a lot easier for many businesses if only they would realise the fact that 80% of their competitors are not quite up to scratch!

  • 60% are surviving
  • 20% are struggling
  • So there is the 80% of your competition that is probably rubbish!

Of the remaining 20%:

  • 15% are doing OK, starting to thrive
  • 4% are thriving
  • 1% has absolutely made it and are now very successful and wealthy

Once you accept that the above analysis is correct it leads you to the undeniable fact that 80% of all businesses in any sector or industry are wrong, about almost everything! If they weren’t then why would they be in the 80% who are either struggling or surviving?

The 80% that are wrong about everything are not keeping up, they are struggling with modern times and they are falling behind and it’s just going to get worse for them!

So where are you? If you are in the top 5% then brilliant, well done and don’t waste your time reading on, However if you are part of the majority then let me suggest a simple strategy for improvement.

Study the top 5% of businesses in your sector, look very closely at your competition and make sure you understand why they are doing so much better than you, use your research to develop your own future strategies and with some clever tactics you could soon be on your way to being categorised with the 1% super successful businesses at the very pinnacle of your industry.

At Advice4Business we take ordinary businesses from the 80% and place them firmly at the top of their sector.

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