For example, it could be used for selling, purchasing, staff (e.g., pay rises, agreements), borrowing (e.g., loans), transactions and any others that may be considered as suitable situations.

There are many forms of negotiation and there are plenty of techniques, they just need to be adjusted to your level of comfort and individual personality.  In saying this however, there are several basic principles or strategies to ensure your negotiation skills improve.

These are.

  • Be hard on the problem and soft on the person.
  • Focus on needs, not positions.
  • Build Trust
  • Be inventive about options and know what a win is.
  • Make clear agreements.
  • Know what your options are and your customers/clients/contacts.
  • Own your power.
  • Double think and triple think the anticipation.

Negotiation skills don’t just help you to win a contract or create a win-win solution but help you to communicate better as an individual, ultimately resulting in better customer service and higher profits for your business.

If you and your team learn how to negotiate in almost all of your business activities, whether it is selling a product or service or purchasing stock, you will be able to save yourself money, gain better cash flow and produce positive outcomes for everyone.


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