It is a fact that the average business owner spends more time training their pet, be it a dog, a cat or even a Guinea pig than they do their staff.

How much training and support do you give your  employees?

A quick induction and then off they go.

When you get a dog (I use this example because I’m a dog person myself). You spend time educating it on where to go to the toilet, how to behave and what not to chew. (If you have had a dog, you will probably have a few odd slippers kicking about!)

When we get new staff, we expect them to perform from day one, and we get frustrated and stressed when they do not.

Our pets we shower with love and affection offering sweets and treats to encourage them along.

There is no real surprise as to who learns faster is there?

So maybe it’s time to review how you manage your staff?

(You don’t have to put them on your lap and rub their tummies, though!!)

Go on give it a go you’d be barking mad not to!


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