Now here’s a great idea you can use to sell while doubling your customer numbers overnight.

Call all your past clients and ask them for the names and telephone numbers of four people they personally know who they feel could use your services.

Remember to be totally honest about why you’re asking.

For example, try this:

“Peter, my business has slowed down considerably. It occurred to me that I have never taken the time to ask you for a few referrals. Is there four people who you know from your business community, office, country club, network, woman’s group, family, church, circle of friends that could use my services?”

When Peter gives you the names, write them down and ask him to tell you a little bit about each person and ask Peter to let each person know that you’ll be calling.

Lastly say, just one other thing…
Ask him and each other one of your past customers that you call, if they know about your new service, new product or the special offer you are running at the moment.

Taking the time to do this will double your customer numbers overnight and increase sales.

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