The Essential A-Z of Business Growth

A-Accountant if you have not got one get one.

B-Backup everything

C-Charge by the hour

D-Deposits never forget them.

E-Expect to succeed and you WILL.

F-FREE – Don’t do it !!

G-Good Customers should be treated like GOLD.

H-Handle cash like your life depends on it.

I-Incorporate – protect your home and your family.

J-Just do it – Do not put off things.

K-Kick Bad customers out quickly – you don’t want or need them!

L-Long term customers are worth 50 short term jobs.

M-Minimum price have one and stick to it.

N-NICHE YOURSELF be a little bit different

O-Offices – know when to shut the door.

P-Price – never knowingly under sell yourself.

Q-Questions – the best salespeople ask them.

R-Regular work time- Have it and stick to it.

S-Sales targets – know what you need to sell on a weekly basis and hit it!!

T-Time is precious and disappears quickly use it wisely- delegate to other staff.

U-Utilise and embrace your downtime you deserve it !

V-Vary your business model.

W-Word of mouth is the most.

X-X-Factor – is a  business advisor like ME !!

Y– Yellow pages – Just don’t bother.

Z– Zero is exactly what you get if you do nothing.


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