Where we are today and where we will be in 1,2,3 or even 10 years’ time is the responsibility of only one person. That’s the person we look at in the mirror in the morning.


It easy to blame the world for our problems and challenges especially now with the costs of living crisis and our businesses constantly being tested by changes made by the government.

On the other hand only, we can change our destiny, if we do nothing, if we let the river of life sweep us along it’s not the rivers fault were we end up, its ours for not trying to swim in the direction we want to go.

Yes, there are challenges that come along to blow us of course, and yes not everything goes to plan but it’s not about the challenges it’s about how we react to them.

Never do I think has this adage been truer. Yes, times are uncertain, some are winning, and some are losing, as we all walk around with a vague sense of uneasiness during this time but what happens now is still down to us and how we deal with these challenges.

As human beings we are born with the potential to learn more and do more than we will ever have the time to do. However, we can’t do it all so we must make choices.

Once we do, we then have a responsibility, not to our family, not to the people we know, but to ourselves.  That responsibility is to make sure we absolutely fulfil our potential in our chosen path.

That means really thinking about what you are doing and acting accordingly, doing nothing is not an option. It means thinking in a slower more concise timely way. Modern society and indeed our very nature mean we make many more short-term impulsive decisions than long ones.

However, the longer term, more considered decisions which will have the biggest and most positive impact on our lives.

It means working on your own knowledge, the more knowledge you have the more valuable you are to yourself and other people, so work on yourself and gain knowledge.

It means recognising that time is your most valuable asset and using it wisely and not wasting it.

It means not blaming the world but taking ownership of problems and challenges and finding solutions to solve them.

It means waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and being proud of what you have done, of knowing whether you have succeeded or failed you have fulfilled your responsibility to yourself and given it your all and maximised your potential.

Nothing happens if nothing happens so whatever your situation and whatever your goals remember.

Be the person you need to be, to have the life you want to have.

Good Luck



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