Adept Sussex is a building company based in Seaford, operating throughout Sussex. Including; Seaford, Peacehaven, Lewes, Eastbourne and Brighton.

With many years of experience and our unwavering desire to complete every project, no matter the size, to the highest standard, we have built up a reputation we are immensely proud of.


We had just combined our separate companies and had set up together a new company. We had excellent sources of work but just needed to make sense of everything so that we could move forward in an organised and sustainable manner.


Gary opened our eyes into how to become successful business owners rather than tradesmen working within our own company trying to muddle through. He gave us structure and a definite plan, allowing us to gain control of the running of the company and give us time back to once again enjoy our lives outside of work.


  1. Creating structure and organisation
  2. Understanding our finances and budgets
  3. Having a definite plan with staff and how to get the best out of them.

“We went to Gary unsure as to what we would get out of it but knowing that we needed help if we were to make our business a success. Gary is both friendly and approachable as well as being a constant source of advice and information, giving us an understanding of our business and helping us gain control. With Gary’s guidance, we have been able to make informed decisions, growing sustainably with the business going from strength to strength. We are looking forward to sharing our future business adventures with Gary and looking forward to many more exciting times ahead.”

Joe Russell and Fionn Connelly -Directors @ Adept Sussex



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