1. Sell more of what your customers are already buying.

Each of your existing customers has certain purchasing habits. Ideally you will have accumulated enough information that allows you to reference both the specific items they purchase as well as the frequency of purchase. Armed with this information, you can offer additional products and services in which the customer has already proved to have an interest.

2. Sell complementary products and services.

Your business may have products and services that can be sold in conjunction with other products and services. These items are often a very simple and easy up-sell that can be made at the point of purchase.

3. Introduce non-complementary products and services.

Your current customer’s posses a degree of trust in your business, and this can be converted into sales of products and services that are not directly related to the customers’ existing purchases.

4. Offer new products and services that your business has added.

As your business adds new products and services, these can be offered to your existing customers. This can be done without your having to convert these customers to your business, as they already like your business and how it operates

No matter your approach to generating additional sales, remember that the key to any up-sell effort is your ability to have collected and properly maintained an active database of your existing customers. A maintained database is worth its weight in gold – if you maintain it and use it to your advantage.

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