Customer Feedback, Testimonials and Referrals are more important than ever to ensure our products or services are purchased remotely.


With the current pandemic more people are changing their purchasing habits, were we once may have visited the company to see the service or product in person we are now choosing them remotely.

This makes it even more crucial to ensure our reviews are giving a clear message to our potential customers to engage with our businesses and purchase our products.

When we purchase an item or a service, we are more likely than ever to check the reviews.

There are loads of subliminal questions running through our heads.


  • Are other people buying this item?
  • What was their experience?
  • Would they buy it again?
  • Is it good value for money?
  • Did it arrive quickly?
  • How long did it last?
  • And so many more.


Therefore, getting and using customer feedback is now key to our business success whether it is good or bad feedback.


Embrace the good and act on the bad

Many business owners I speak to fear receiving feedback; it terrifies them ‘what if it’s bad they say?’ ‘I hope you do get some bad/ constructive criticism I reply when undertaking this task with clients.

You see its only from the more negative stuff that we can learn and improve. If you get 10/10 all the time ‘What have you learned?’ If you do get bad feedback, celebrate it.

Use it as the opportunity that it is.

Publicise it and tell your customers what you are doing to improve, show them that you listen to the customer and introduced ways to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Then get feedback on your improvement and suddenly a problem has become a triumph! You have shown your customers you listen, and you have acted. It’s a complete win.

Where should My feedback be?

With Facebook reviews/Google reviews/ Trust Pilot/ Our own websites/Trade and professional bodies and so on the next thing I get asked is where we should focus on getting feedback and reviews.

The answer is simple. Where it is most likely to be seen. Get a few reviews everywhere if you can but double down on the site/ platform where most of your customers are most likely to be and get masses of feedback there. This is also the best place to interact with your customers and prospects and publish any news or offers you have for them (please keep it interesting and relevant or you’ll drive them away!)

So ultimately, with more purchases being made remotely, reviews, testimonials and case studies are to be treated like gold, shared with everyone you can and remorselessly sought out. It’s worth many £££’; s to you and your business and definitely deserves your focus.

Gary Maskell


I’m not perfect but with your help I can be better!

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