Figuring out how to use your time efficiently is one of the hardest tasks you are likely to face as a small business owner.

Use this quiz to assess your current time management techniques. The pointers you get at the end may help you modify your habits and enable you to run your small business more effectively.


Time Management Quiz

For each statement, identify the answer that best describes the way you run your business.


1. To complete my daily work tasks…

  • I create a concrete schedule and keep to it.
  • I write down a schedule, but don’t always get to every item.
  • I make a list of some tasks, and remember others in my head.
  • I play it by ear and tackle things as they come along.


2. The length of my typical work day…

  • Is about the same. I get in and leave at around the same time every day.
  • Is usually the same, but some days I have to work late or go in early to finish tasks not yet completed.
  • Is longer that I would like it to be because I have trouble accomplishing what I set out to do.
  • Varies greatly depending on how much work I have to do.


3. At the beginning of the day…

  • I have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish by day’s end.
  • I pick up on whatever I did not finish the day before.
  • I choose from a list of things I haven’t completed and get done what I can.
  • I do not usually have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish by day’s end.


4. When I am faced with many responsibilities…

  • I look at my list and determine what to work on next.
  • I choose the project that interests me most, whether its the most important or not.
  • I start several projects and continue with the one that’s easiest to complete.
  • I panic and try to do everything at once.


5. When my day ends…

  • I have finished what I set out to do for the day.
  • I have left some projects unfinished, but have completed most of what have some things to finish.
  • I still have a lot of work to do even though I feel like I’ve been working hard all day.
  • I’m exhausted and realize that I still have not accomplished some of my most important tasks.


Poor Results To The Test

If you are not currently using time management techniques, it may be because you are concerned that a schedule and other routines will rob you of spontaneity.

You may also have been unsuccessful in implementing traditional time management techniques in the past and question if they can ever work for you but structure with room for flexibility will better serve you to complete your work with a minimum of stress and maximum efficiency.

Time management can also reduce the amount of time and energy you devote to work.


The key to successful time management is determining what techniques will work based on your personality and your work.

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