Sometimes, running a small business can feel like you’re trapped in a repetitive cycle of sleep-depriving doubt. Despite your round-the-clock efforts to grow your business, it feels like you fall short of the financial relief you need to make your life easier.

Sound familiar? Because if it does, you’ll understand exactly how Matt Chambers, Director of Madison Web Solutions, felt back in 2012 when he approached me about expanding his business.


Operating from a bedroom with two remote staff members, Madison Web Solutions was showing symptoms of many homegrown start-ups. As well as struggling with expansion and cash flow, Matt found it tough to attract the right type of clients to his business. Things had to change. Here’s what we did.

The Strategies:

To help Matt and his team attract the right type of work, we interrogated Madison’s portfolio to profile the perfect client. As well as refocusing marketing efforts, it provided clear direction on the type of work they wanted to attract – and the type of work they wanted to avoid!

As part of Madison’s growth, it was also important to find the right staff. This involved revamping the recruitment process to include professionally written job ads, a robust interview process and a seamless onboarding procedure. After all, the right staff makes all the difference. To increase business productivity and profit, we also implemented supportive operational procedures together with a new bonus scheme to incentivise staff.


  • Order value has increased from £350 per sale to a little over £5,000.
  • New processes have allowed Matt to take more holidays without having to worry about his business.
  • Gary buys the bacon rolls for every team meeting!

“I am often approached by other business advisors, but the truth is – I’d never move from Gary. Put simply, if you want to work hard, get a business advisor. If you want to succeed and not work too hard, get Gary.”

— Matt Chambers, Director, Madison Web Solutions

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