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Northstar IT

Business in Profile: Northstar IT are an IT department and help  desk.

Goals : I was wanting to face building the business from a single engineer based business to a ‘proper’ company, which would ultimately provide for my future and prevent me from being both an engineer until the end of my working life, but also mean that I could take real holidays where I wouldn’t be welded to a mobile phone and laptop anymore. I had tried twice before but just wasted time, money and effort. This time I wanted to get it right, and I was confident Gary would help me make it happen.

The Challenges: I was working long hours as an engineer, not taking any holidays and although profit was good, I wanted to maximise its potential.

The Strategies: Gary first helped me review everything I was doing from time management to pricing. Most importantly he helped me see the wood for the trees and achieved something, any business owner will appreciate, no matter the size of the business. He gave me someone to be accountable to for getting the tasks done he set! This enabled me to stop letting customer work be the be all and end all of justification for never breaking the circle I was running in. He is almost like a virtual manager, after all when you’re paying for the advice, you’d be an idiot to not make the time to get things done! Having completed this systematic review, I made an ROI on Gary’s professional fees within 3 months!

The Outcomes:

  1. He gave me some of my life back. I started to control my life, rather than my work controlling me.
  2. I’m now part of a team again, so the business is working, even when I’m not.
  3. I’ve had a fully paid 4-week holiday from work travelling around the USA without ANY contact with the office, and better still they had an amazing month financially too!


“Working with Gary is like having a supportive business partner, he’s there no matter what. I know without doubt, I wouldn’t have the company I have today without his tireless support over the years.” 

Christian Fleming, Managing Director of Northstar IT

July 2020

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