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Case Studies

Mark Boxall Director, Shoreline Accountants

Business in profile: Shoreline Accountants are based in Seaford; East Sussex and is run by Mark Boxall. Mark is one of the local areas most experienced and qualified accountants with over 25 years accountancy practice. Shoreline Accountants offer a unique and personalised range of accountancy and taxation services.

Goals: To Build a profitable business that ...

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Madison Solutions

Business in profile:  Madison web solutions are a digital agency that provides clear and effective digital solutions to small-medium businesses.

Goals: I wanted to grow my company, achieve more success both professionally and financially.

The Challenges: I started working with Gary when there was only me and 2 part time staff. It was a new company and ...

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Clean Cut Gardening Services

Business in Profile: Clean Cut Gardening provides a range of gardening services for commercial and domestic clients.

Goals: I wanted to grow a business that got me away from the tools and into the office. Basically, I wanted to be more than a worker who got up and cut grass for the rest of my life.

The ...

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Northstar IT

Business in Profile: Northstar IT are an IT department and help  desk.

Goals : I was wanting to face building the business from a single engineer based business to a ‘proper’ company, which would ultimately provide for my future and prevent me from being both an engineer until the end of my working life, but also ...

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Sam Wilde – Wildeheart PT


Sam Wilde – Wildeheart PT

I started working with Sam about 2 years ago. At that point in time, he had been made redundant and wanted to take his part-time hobby business seriously and grow it to a booming business.

Sam is a PT, (Personal Trainer to the uninitiated), he had a couple of clients but ...

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Ashington Embroidery Services

Case Study Linda Lowther May 2015:

Nearly a year ago I held a Seminar” 5 key strategies to profitable business growth” amongst the group of attendees I met 2 local business owners who along with another partner had set up a service based business in 2013.

Their vision was to produce a business that would support all ...

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Commercial Cleaners

GOALS: Helping the business owner plan and manage growth

BUSINESS IN PROFILE: The business owner was really an ‘employee’, working wholly ‘in’ the business with no time to devote to growth and not earning enough to meet personal and financial goals. Margins for most customers were very low, and the business relied on domestic outdoor work ...

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Leads Direct

GOALS: To reduce the businesses reliance on the owner and move the business premises.

BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A Leads and Cable wholesaler and custom lead specialist.

THE CHALLENGES: In terms of profit the business had performed well over the last two years but the owner was working huge hours and felt he could not leave the business ...

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Clean-cut Gardening Services

GOALS: To grow the business significantly whilst reducing the hours worked to more acceptable levels.

BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A Domestic Gardening services business providing, mowing, hedge cutting and general maintenance.

THE CHALLENGES: The business had been in operation for seven years but was not growing, whilst the owner was only earning a ‘wage’ the business and was ...

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Appleyard Meats

GOALS: To reduce the businesses reliance on the owner and move the business to profitability

BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A wholesale meat supplier delivering direct to the trade.

THE CHALLENGES: The business had been formed to try and generate extra income for the owners after some investments became liabilities. The owner was running the business by day and ...

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