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“Working with Gary has been great for me, he makes you think about and do all the business things you know you should have been doing but were either too busy, stressed or lazy to face. These past 6/7 months have really helped me to get a true perspective on how I operate my business and has highlighted the importance of understanding your numbers and working towards getting processes in place, not to mention the help with finding and appointing new staff. Its been Great!.”

Phil Brady - Director-Spruce Architecture

“I work with many business advisers through our clients and I see how they operate and differ. I am often approached by them trying to get us to use them. I would never move from Gary

I have never known a company who has used the A4B Team do anything other than succeed (and i am looking at dozens of examples) and i cannot think of any other companies I can say hat about.

Put simply if you want to work hard get a business advisor, if you want to succeed and not work too hard get Gary!.”

Matt Chambers - Director- Madisons Solutions

“Working with Gary will in short add value to your business. There is no magic recipe to success except to say this,

Taking time to work with someone will allow you to take a step back see your business and self and devise a plan of action and clear path forward. I believe this is healthy for all in business and will give benefits to your wealth and more importantly your health. Gary will support you, inspire you and push you to be the best you and your team can be.

Make the call. “

Mark Derrick - Director- Jarlands Estates & Mortgage consultancy

“Working with Gary is amazing!!! He has an uncanny way of seeing the big picture and keeping you on track towards your goals. His support, guidance and persistence are unwavering and the results he drives you to achieve are truly life changing.”

Simon Studd - Director-Cleancut Gardening

“When i first met Gary the business as starting to run my life and my stress levels were high. I now feel i am in a position where I am in control and look forward to the future growth of the business.”

Mark Boxall - Director- Shoreline Accountants

” After attending my first few BNI meetings and listening to the way Gary helps businesses, I quickly realised I needed to work with him. Gary set out the steps the gym needed to take to enable future growth. With his help we have implemented new strategies and tools that are already having a huge impact on the gym.

I can confidently say that after only a few months Gary has made positive changes to the gym and I am looking forward to the future with Gary as part of the Whittfit Team. “

Steve Whittemore - Director- Whittfit Gym

I have used Gary Maskell as my business advisor for several businesses over the years, starting with Leads Direct Ltd which has grown and evolved constantly since the early days through recessions, pandemics, and all sorts of crises during which his support has been invaluable and is still growing today. He has done the same for many of my friends and business associates, too.

The power of a good business advisor like Gary comes from several areas:

• His personal experience – Gary has run his own high profile businesses and so understands what you are going through
• His skill set – Gary has an enviable set of business skills that can work for any business in any industry (spelling though is not one of them :-))
• The fact that he is necessarily an outsider. Even when he becomes one of your team he is still looking at the overall picture in an unbiased manner while you are so busy with your nose ‘pressed to the coal face’ running your business that you cannot possibly see the same view.
• Accountability – you have to do the work, but Gary helps you decide what needs to be done and then follows up to make sure that you do it. Plus, of course, if you don’t do it your business doesn’t get better and you still get charged which is a *really* powerful motivator!

Think of it like a sports coach – they are there to get the best out of the sports stars. The best sports stars have the best coaches. Invest in Gary as your business advisor just as sports stars invest in their coaches. As long as you put in the work, you will achieve astounding results. Highly recommended.

Chris Bray - Director- Leads Direct

“I approached Advice4business around a year ago and I was sceptical at first if I’m completely honest.

Gary talked me through so many ways to promote my business and helped me set goals and targets. I didn’t really take much notice of this aspect of my company but when it was highlighted in our meetings I realised the importance of knowing where our strengths and weaknesses were each month. Once we started looking into this Gary discussed ways for me to set achievable targets. By doing this I have been able to expand my team with confidence knowing that I can afford to make these types of changes. With persistence and continued support Gary has helped me gain great understanding of how to make my business grow and succeed and I can honestly say he has not only been a great business adviser he has also become a good friend.

I can highly recommend Gary, he is a straight talker and only has your best interests in mind.”

James Kirby - Director-J Kirby Electrical Ltd

“When we first engaged with Gary we viewed him as similar to working with a personal trainer on your fitness goals, ie: anybody can go to the gym, go through the motions of doing exercise by yourself and you’ll do OK at it. But if you want to take it more seriously and engage a professional they will help you better than you ever could in working towards your goals, keeping you on track, always thinking about different angles and the bigger picture and above all making sure you’re focused on improving yourselves to the best possible way.

This is all still true, but in more recent months after the corona-virus lock-down hit we’ve grown to realise having Gary on board means so much more than this. When things are going well he’ll help keep you steady on your course, but if things start going badly or you get blindsided by something that you never expected to happen, having a calm, experienced, veteran of crises in your corner becomes one of the most valuable assets in your business.”

Phil Harris - Director - Pier Pressure Escape Rooms and Paradox Place

“Working with Gary is like having a supportive business partner, he’s there no matter what.  I know without doubt, I wouldn’t have the company I have today without his tireless support over the years.”

Christian Fleming - Director-Northstar IT

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